Jenna Heller

  1. we first spotted the moon
    bleeding from the Atlantic
    years and years before
    a cresting of molten ocean
    earth's potter's wheel spinning a satellite
    ripping away from the ring of fire
    just like Rachel said —
    the Sea Around Us
    a mere theory
    now happening again
    amidst thunderous quakes
    and the waxing and waning,
    the universe folding in,
    a tectonic time-envelope
    carrying life to a gravity centre
    inward to the core;
    a wrinkled moon of existence
    stunned and mesmerized
    waiting for the whispered

  2. and now we are two
    ballooning out
    from a maybe
    a what if
    a tidal wave crying aloud
    breaking silence
    a mirrored echo
    two distinct entities
    a pendulum swinging
    giving in to distance
    bridging the gap between
    theory and small real steps,
    a pooling of spun energy —
    like Neptune on her back
    with Triton circling elliptic —
    a slingshot of love
    streams of light and dark
    dancing hearts
    beating in steady