Rhys Fenney

without warning my legs have become
escaping gas               & my mind
is rupturing                             is it me or is
the air starting to freeze
i can’t quite see the instrument panel now
                           bedroom floor here
having trouble with radar
                                    kicking up some
dust now                        are we GO to lay here
until the sun goes down
pls confirm last message
i’m not getting anything on my
end                              can roll slightly
                                    no other axis free
must be gimbal lock
trying                          emergency thrusters
            the light coming in is all grey
i wish it could be a little brighter
            trying to a cry for help now
                        how long until CO2 build-up
Houston this is desperation base
            everything i’m trying to say
is lost                          […]                  we’re looking
      at a total LOC situation
i’m in a spin                            pitch & yaw
            are indistinguishable